Bangkok buffet restaurant’s spicy 59 baht offer: Dine with sexy dancers (video)

Photo via Facebook/ ร้านอ้วนจิ้มจุ่มโต้รุ้ง อาหารอีสาน

The Auan Rice and Curry Buffet (อ้วน ข้าวแกงบุฟเฟ่ต์ 59.-) restaurant on Phuttamonthon Sai 1 Road in Bangkok gained widespread attention on Thai social media after offering 59 baht all you can eat dishes alongside performances by sexy dancers.

The restaurant owner, Katekaew Sophalert, gave an interview to KhaoSod after her restaurant hit the headlines in several media outlets. Katekaew explained that she used to run a restaurant serving Isaan food in another location before moving to Bangkok.

Katekaew said she wanted to open a unique rice and curry restaurant, so decided to offer an all-you-can-eat meal deal with a special show on Sundays. Katekaew explained that customers could eat both savoury food and desserts at her restaurant for only 59 baht per person. Children under five years old eat for free.

Aside from the surprisingly low price, her staff serve customers in sexy dresses and dances provocatively around the restaurant.

The sexy dancers drew the attention of customers from across the country. According to Katekaew, when she first opened, she offered 20 different types of savoury and sweet food. Now she offers more than 100 different choices in response to popular demand.

Katekaew’s restaurant is open daily from 5am to 3pm but some customers have been booking seats from 2am to 3am while on some days the food has sold out by around 9am to 11am.

Good food and dancing

Katekaew insists that her restaurant was not just about sexy dancers. Her food is delicious and of a very high quality. All her customers gave positive feedback.

Katekaew stressed that the hot dancing girls were just a way of entertaining customers. In her opinion, dancing is not a bad thing, it is legal and honest and none of her customers sexually harassed the dancers.

One customer, Anupong Ingsantier, revealed in an interview with KhaoSod that he was eating at the restaurant for the first time and did not know about the sexy show. He liked the food and thought the price was reasonable. He added that he would be back next Sunday to eat and watch another show.

Katekaew threw out an invitation to all foodies in the capital to take part in a food challenge at her restaurant next month. She said the winner who could eat the most would win a prize of 10,000 baht. Follow the restaurant’s Facebook page for more details or follow their TikTok accounts to see funny videos from the restaurant.


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