Muslim follower wins pork prize from food blogger on Facebook page in amusing twist

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A humorous twist of fate unfolded online when a food blogger’s Facebook page, “Whatisthekitchen“, awarded a pork by-product to their 229,999th follower, who turned out to be a Muslim.

The Facebook page, renowned for its food content and for selling pork by-products, had set this particular item as the prize for the landmark follower. This unexpected event sparked a viral online reaction.

The administrators of the Facebook page were routinely checking their follower count until it hit the 229,999 mark. The prize was then awarded to the lucky follower, whose profile bore a Muslim name. This led the Facebook page administrators to suspect that the winner might be a follower of Islam, a religion that prohibits the consumption of pork. It was assumed that the user followed the Facebook page to watch food-related videos. In light of this, the page decided to move the pork prize to the 230,000th follower instead, reported KhaoSod.

The incident sparked widespread discussion online, with netizens commenting on the sheer randomness of the situation. Some suggested that the page could alter the prize to something acceptable in Islam, such as chicken skin, to maintain goodwill and simultaneously promote their page. Recently, the page updated that it sent a consolation prize to the same Muslim winner to avoid being overly harsh.

In related news, government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke announced a determined push to dismantle the underground illicit pork trade in Thailand, indicating that all related cases should be resolved by next month. The joint statement was delivered yesterday, alongside representatives from the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO), Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and other agencies, providing an update on the ongoing operation. Read more about this story HERE.

In other news, a viral video on Facebook has revealed an unusual pork leg recipe that has left many astonished. The secret ingredient? Ovaltine, a cocoa-based drink powder known for its distinct malt and chocolate flavours. The unexpected culinary use of the beverage has gained enormous attention online, with the clip amassing over three million views. Read more about this story HERE.

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