Thai courier claims to lose 2 million baht in gold on Bangkok road

Photo via Channel 8 and Matichon

A Thai courier filed a complaint with the police, claiming she lost 2 million baht in gold on the Borommaratchachonnani Road in Bangkok while delivering the valuables to a gold shop she worked for.

The 58 year old woman named Pailin Kaewphet filed a complaint at Bang Yi Khan Police Station yesterday, May 23, stating that she lost gold necklaces and gold bars worth about 2 million baht near a pedestrian bridge outside Lotus’s supermarket in the Bangkok Noi district of Bangkok at around 8.20am.

Pailin explained to police that she was a worker at a gold shop in the Wang Burapha neighbourhood in the Phranakhon district of Bangkok and visited another gold shop in the southern province of Phetchaburi to pick up the lost gold.

Pailin further explained that she lost her tote bag while taking a motorcycle taxi outside the supermarket. The bag contained her purse, ID card, and a white paper box with the gold.

The complaint initially led police officers and news agencies to suspect Pailin of theft. However, after reviewing security camera footage, officers confirmed that Pailin did indeed drop her tote bag at the mentioned location. Nevertheless, they have not yet been able to identify the person who took the bag.

The owner of the gold shop in Phetchaburi, Chaiyaporn Jariyadham, was summoned to the Bang Yi Khan Police Station in Bangkok for questioning.

Chaiyaporn explained that he opened a gold shop for nearly 30 years and knew Pailin for more than 10 years. Pailin reportedly worked at the Bangkok gold shop for more than 25 years.

Chaiyaporn disclosed that he asked Pailin to deliver gold to various gold shops multiple times, with the value of the gold exceeding 4.2 million baht at one time. Pailin had never caused any thefts or problems for him.

Chaiyaporn said he talked to Pailin after the loss and did not notice any suspicious behaviour from her. He asked Pailin to be honest with him and discuss any financial issues she might have but Pailin insisted that she did not have any problems and did not steal the gold.

Chaiyaporn urged anyone who found the gold to return it to him, offering a reward of 100,000 baht.

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